Warehouse Excellence



Who can participate?

Participation is possible for every distribution center that would like to evaluate its performance in the continuous improvement process.

According to the definition of the Warehouse Excellence Study, all facilities within logistic networks that receive goods, store them temporarily and forward them are referred to as distribution centers. These include facilities like cross docking centers or raw material warehouses within plants.

If you are interested in the Warehouse Excellence Study then please contact the Warehouse Excellence Team. We will give you an introduction to our methodology and openly answer your questions during a visit. Afterwards, you can decide whether youwant to participate in the study. In case of participation, the procedure is as follows:

 How does a participation proceed?

Structuring workshop

Within this workshop an analysis of your present state will be conducted. During this time, the distribution center will be structured by the Distribution Center Reference Model. The result will be a DCRM-Map of your distribution center. During a "walk the flow" through your distribution center, the standardized technique questionnaires will be filled in. Finally, we will explain to you what data we need you to collect from your distribution center.   

Data acquisition

For data acquisition an individual data questionnaire based on the DCRM-Map will be created. The distribution center is responsible for data acquisition. The Warehouse Excellence Team will support the acquisition by answering questions. After data acquisition is completedthe data will be validated and optimized by feedback-loops within the distribution center.

Evaluation and presentation of the results

Afterwards, the data will be evaluated and the resulting documentation will be completed. The study concludes with a results presentation. You will be presented with findings comparing your center with other distribution centers, as well as the observations of  the Warehouse Excellence Team. The results will be summarized in a comprehensive and detailed report.

The amount of effort needed to complete an assessment depends on the number of tasks to be accomplished within a distribution center. For a distribution center with an average number of tasks, the first assessment by the  Warehouse Excellence Team will take approximately 16 working days. 

The distribution center has an expected effort per task of about one hour for the assessment (estimation by a participating distribution center). For any follow up assessment of this distribution center this time estimate decreases considerably. This might be a part of your continuous improvement process as shown below.



How much effort is required to participate in the Warehouse Excellence Study?


How does anonymity get guaranteed?

Data of the participating enterprises will be contributed anonymized to the database. Data will only be transmitted to other participants as anonymous data. Additional questions concerning the anonymous and confidential data will only be answered with the consent of the concerned partner. This procedure will be stated in a non-disclosure agreement.

Consultant agencies can cooperate with the Warehouse Excellence Team in several ways. Employees of the agency are trained in the methodology, and are then able to carry out assessments themselves. Based on the collected data, the Warehouse Excellence Team provides anonymous results. This enables agencies to offer the methodology of the Warehouse Excellence Study to their customers.

 How can consultant agencies cooperate with the Warehouse Excellence Study?